Beach Banquet
From The Liner Notes 

"When my wife Mary-Louise and I moved kit and k-9s to the desert I started looking into the local music clubs. I went to several places and "sat in" but wasn't finding a place where I could swing hard. Then I found A.J.'s on the Green and heard the Doug MacDonald Trio playing to packed houses on Wednesday nights.  A widely-traveled and much-recorded guitarist, Doug and the guys made me welcome and gave me the chance to stretch out and cook up some swinging jazz with them. When they played something I didn't know and asked about he'd name the tune and the composer and sometimes add "you oughta do some lyrics for that." 

As great as Doug plays , he has the still-rarer skill of "comping' for singers with taste and verve that makes those he plays with sound their best. And often, after we finished a number that felt "tight," he'd say "That oughta be on the album!" Well Sir, after a while I got to thinkin'...


One Wednesday evening as I was waiting to get up with the trio I met a nice young couple and was delighted to learn they were neighbors of ours.  


Jim Watson is a drummer and as it happened he was invited to play drums just as I was "on deck" to sing. Later when saying goodnight, Rochelle, Jim's wife, hugged me warmly and I realized these people were going to become good friends of ours.  


Well, you know the old expression "The Universe Provides?"  Whammo! 

As our friendship developed I learned that Jim is not only a talented drummer, but a professional sound engineer with his own home-studio and he agreed to produce my album project. He also put me completely over-the-moon when he suggested renowned jazz pianist Tamir Handelman to play on the trio sessions along with local bass legend Bill Saitta.


"Love Has Called Again" is the product of two days of recording sessions done at Rancho Mirage Music People, The trio recorded all 14 songs with Jim's technical guidance and Tamir's wonderful arranging and conducting. 


As Kurt Vonnegut had put it so well: "Peculiar travel arrangements are dancing lessons from God."






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Play 2 Songs

Loved Walked In

You Can't Rush Spring


1. Gotta Go

2.Love "Walked" In

3. Better Than Anything

4. Barquinho (Little Boat)

5. Celia

6. You Can't Rush Spring7. 7 Devil May Care

8. I'm All Smiles

9. Spring Can Really Hang       You Up/It Might As              Well Be Spring

10. Love Has Called Again

11. L Luxo So

12. My Romance

13. If I Should Lose You

14. At Long Last Love